ChatGPT Plus: What is it, How Much Does it Cost, and How to Find it?

The OpenAI-developed chatbot has become a viral sensation. With the developer seeking ways to monetize the AI, they’ve released ChatGPT Plus. The subscription model is a $20-a-month premier option that presents a wide range of benefits for consistent users of the program.

Giving a variety of perks to subscribers, ChatGPT Plus also builds on the incredibly successful launch of the chatbot. The Pro option will grant users a few different benefits to incentivize the payment option. Leading us to assess ChatGPT Plus: what exactly is it, where do you find it, and how much does it cost?

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What is it?

ChatGPT Plus is the recently announced subscription model building on the rapid success of OpenAI’s impressive chatbot. The program has made waves for its accuracy, and representation of a rapidly progressive AI technology

Conversely, ChatGPT Plus is the $20 per month model that grants subscribers faster response times, better connection, and early access to OpenAI’s new features. Currently, the model is just a pilot program but could be a sustainable model that allows the research and development company to monetize the program to help support its free-access model.

What is interesting about the announcement is the aspect of the subscription that grants early access to new features. This could, eventually, prove to be the most valuable aspect of ChatGPT Plus. It proves users an incentive to subscribe, as OpenAI’s consistent development of the technology also leaves limitless opportunities for growth. Opportunities that subscribers will be first in line for.

How Much Does it Cost?

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Currently, OpenAI announced ChatGPT with a $20 per month price tag. Interestingly, the price is a stark decrease from the $42 per month cost attributed to OpenAI’s ChatGPT Pro pilot program. On an annual basis, the new Plus program will cost users $240.

Although the price is notably high for an AI program that still maintains free access, it may not stay at the current rate. There is some assumption that the price could diminish as the program matures, the technology improves, and feedback on the current model is granted.

However, the market will ultimately determine the price of the Plus program. Considering the viral sensation that ChatGPT has become, access to faster responses and new features could be essential for entities that rely on the AI program on a consistent basis.

Where to Find it?

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Currently, the ChatGPT Plus program sports a waiting list. To get on that list, users simply have to access this form, provided by OpenAI. Sadly, the waitlist is limited to users based in the United States, with the company promising to widen the potential consumer base soon. However, no set date for that expansive base has been set.

Although the Plus program is limited to United States users, worldwide adopters of the ChatGPT technology still have access to the free version of the software. Moreover, it is a good sign that OpenAI has introduced the Plus program with an eye toward expanding the list of potential customers.

ChatGPT has taken the tech world by storm, and with Microsoft investing millions in the OpenAI program, the implementations of the chatbot should only get more expansive. A massive part of that, and the continued learning curve for AI, will depend on developments like ChatGPT Plus.