Coinbase Introduces Crypto435 to Raise Voice for Pro-Crypto Policy

Coinbase is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, with years of expertise in the field. The exchange has also been vocal amidst the recent scrutiny of the SEC on cryptocurrency staking and other issues. Armstrong’s exchange has also been making headlines for numerous reasons, including the decision to suspend BUSD trading.

The recent crackdown by the SEC on cryptocurrencies, stating that everything except BTC is a security, has also received opposition from the community. Now, according to the latest details from Coinbase, the exchange has come forward to advance a pro-crypto policy in all 435 congressional districts in the US.

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For this very purpose, the exchange has unveiled Crypto435. Crypto435 is a new campaign that is envisioned to foster the cryptocurrency advocacy community.

Coinbase’s Crypto435 will help make the voices heard

Coinbase mentioned in the tweet thread that now is the time for thoughtful policymaking and smart regulation. The exchange also mentioned that this is mandatory to move forward with advancing cryptocurrency and Web3.

“Coinbase will empower the Crypto435 community with information about how to contact specific politicians in their local districts, what those politicians’ records on crypto are, tips for making your voices heard in D.C., and more.”

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The exchange also mentioned how important it is to make sure that the voice of the cryptocurrency community is heard and to help change the hearts of all 435 Congressional districts across the US.