BRICS New Development Bank Now Offers Loans in Local Currencies Instead of US Dollar

The US dollar has been losing its role in global trade. When the pound sterling lost its value during WWI and WWII, the US dollar was established as a global reserve currency. However, global nations are slowly steering away from US dollar reliance.

Now The New Development Bank (NDB) of the BRICS group has begun to offer loans in local currencies. This is according to the latest report from Natural News,

BRICS group motive to ditch the use of US dollar

The move to offer loans in local currencies is to steer away from the US dollar’s dependency. The plan to offer the loan was reportedly confirmed by NDB President Dilma Rousseff. She also stated that the bank aims to provide 30% of the loans in the local currencies of member nations.

Rousseff recently stated this in an April 14 interview with CGTN regarding the move. “It is necessary to find ways to avoid foreign exchange risk and other issues such as being dependent on a single currency, such as the U.S. dollar.”

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She also stressed during the interview that providing 30% of the loans in the local currencies of BRICS member countries will also help the countries avoid exchange rate risks and finance shortages.