Here’s how Baby Doge has been faring post-Swap Launch

The bear market paved the way for an array of developments across various networks in the crypto-verse. Meme coins joined the list as well and moved ahead with the same. The Baby Doge Coin network recently rolled out its much-awaited decentralized exchange. Through this, it intended to offer its holders a wide range of services including yielding, staking as well as token swaps.

With its launch, the network rolled out an array of promotional additions as well.

Baby Doge Swap went on to open its doors for farming as well. As the platform kept adding several pairs into its wing, the popularity of the asset continued to surge. The network’s Twitter followers soared to a high of 1.6 million.

The asset’s popularity wasn’t the only thing that witnessed a rise, the total value locked into the network also recorded a drastic growth.

Earlier today, Baby Doge noted announced that its TVL had pushed past $18 million aiming towards $20 million.

Sadly, this notion did not reflect on the asset’s price.

Baby Doge plummets following a Dainty rise

Ahead of the Baby Doge Swap launch, the asset’s price witnessed steady growth. The asset surged to a monthly high of $0.000000001461. This did not persist as Baby Doge dropped right after the launch.


As seen in the meme coin’s weekly chart, the asset failed to maintain its uptrend causing it to spiral downwards.

At press time, the altcoin was trading for $0.000000001237 with a 2.01 percent drop over the last 24 hours. While its latest surge was acknowledged by many, several pointed out how the asset was still 93 percent below its all-time high of $0.00000002. This was attained back during its launch in June last year.

Additionally, the 24-hour trading volume of Baby Doge Coin noted a dainty rise of 3.81 percent pushing the numbers to $5,162,647.78.

While the network’s latest rollout is still nascent, it is expected to boost Baby Doge Coin’s popularity as well as value.