Twitter to allow users buy, sell, display NFTs via tweets

Twitter has been all over the news of late for various reasons including Elon Musk’s takeover. The latest development, however, is associated with NFTs. The platform developer team took Twitter to announce that it partnered with four leading NFT marketplaces to test the Tweet Tiles widget. The platforms include Solana-centric Magic Eden, Ethereum-based Rarible, Flow blockchain creator Dapper Labs, and sports-inclined platform

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Tweet Tiles, as such, provide a way for users to attach customizable formats to a Tweet. In much simpler terms, Tweet Tiles are Twitter posts with larger images, variable fonts, and prominent call-to-actions that are integrated to enhance clicks. The tiles allow the orientation of highly visual content in a mobile-friendly format.

So now, by using these widgets, NFT marketplaces can directly showcase NFTs within their tweets. Revealing how so, the official tweet noted that “some links” on the partnered platforms will “show you a larger picture of the NFT alongside details like the title and creator.”

Acknowledging the partnership, the tweeted that “this is a lovely and welcome boost for NFTs.” The tweet also added that this “will be a major milestone for web3.”

A quick peek into the past

Here it is worth recalling that the social media giant had launched the pilot product and began testing the above-said feature with leading news publishers like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and The Guardian towards the end of August.

Suppose the ongoing trial results in success, the feature will be expanded to all users of the platform, thereby giving NFT collectors an innovative way to buy, sell, and display NFTs directly through tweets. Alongside, it would drive sales and support the creation of NFTs. The said decision follows the launch of NFT avatars for users, which enabled the use of NFT JPEGs as profile pictures.

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