Tesla to Reportedly Begin Making Electric Motors for Airplanes, Boats, and More

Tesla has been going through a rough patch by the end of 2022. The automotive firm had implemented a hiring freeze and also informed the employees of a layoff coming in the next quarter.

Amidst this Chaos, Electrek discovered that Tesla is branching out into other productions. According to the findings by Electrek, Tesla has hinted at its interest in manufacturing electric motors for airplanes, boats, and more.

Tesla’s new trademark filing is under “not for land vehicles”

Tesla and its new trademark filing didn’t get much media attention and went unnoticed until Electrek came across it. The filing by the automotive firm is under the trademark category “nor for land vehicles.”

The trademark filing states:

“TESLA™ trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of asynchronous motors not for land vehicles; Motors for airplanes; Motors, namely, synchronous motors not for land vehicles; Permanent magnet motors; Boat motors; Drive system having two or more synchronous motors coupled through clutches to drive a common load; Electric motors for toys; Linear motors.”

Source: CNET

According to the trademark, Tesla intends to use the trademark for these categories in the future. It is unsure when Elon Musk’s firm plans to manufacture the motors for these categories.

Despite all of this, Tesla had been going through a rough patch as Musk recently required the executives to lay off 10% of the firm’s employee count. Tesla’s stock has also been sliding on Tuesday with a drop of 14%. However, at press time, it was up by 5.28%.