Shiba Inu: Shytoshi Kusama Leaves Puzzling Message on Shibarium Telegram

Shiba Inu is one of the strongest meme coins out there, with the most supportive community. The SHIB development team has demonstrated a steady commitment to improving the meme coin through various initiatives, developments, collaborations, and listings.

One of the prominent SHIB developers, Shytoshi Kusama, has dropped a message on the Shibarium Telegram channel. The post leaves the community puzzling, making them think about what it could mean.

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Shytoshi Kusama Drops a “There”

In one of the recent Shiba Inu community conversations on Shibarium’s Telegram channel, Kusama dropped a single-word message: “there.” This indeed made the community question what it could mean. One user replied to that message, asking how the beta was going. One other user greeted Kusama good morning, whereas another user thanked Kusama for his efforts and manifestation.

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Kusama didn’t go in-depth to explain what he meant with the message, so the community started perceiving it in their own ways. In one of the recent conversations, Kusama also replied to a question from the user asking for an update. Kusama stated that “We’re in go mode, not bro mode.”

Despite all this, the community is waiting for the launch of Shibarium. However, an estimated date for the launch is not yet available.