How to Add Solana to Metamask?

Becoming one of the most popular crypto wallet options among users, MetaMask has grown in popularity. Yet, as the wallet only supports Ethereum-based blockchains, we uncover how to add Solana to MetaMask.

The Solana blockchain is not compatible currently because of the wallet’s support for Ethereum-based blockchains. Specifically, the crypto wallet only supports blockchains built using the Ethereum Virtual Machine and its Solidity programming language. 

However, although users cannot add Solana to MetaMask, there are a host of alternatives that can interact with the Solana blockchain. Subsequently, allowing compatibility with the Solana network through various NFT and decentralized applications. Moreover, one of the most popular is the Phantom wallet.

Metamask Alternative: Phantom Wallet

Phantom Wallet Expands its Wings to Ethereum and Polygon
Source: The Daily Hodl

One of the best alternatives to the MetaMask wallet for the Solana blockchain is the Phantom Wallet. The option presents a non-custodial wallet that is secure and allows interaction with a host of Solana applications. Specifically, apps like Magic Eden, Serum, Orca, and others. 

The wallet is praised for its rather low gas fees, speedy transaction times, and security in its key storage. Moreover, the wallet is available on both iOS and Android devices and is easy to use regardless of your device. Additionally, the application sports a dAppbrowser, which allows you to uncover a host of Solana applications directly from the wallet itself. 

Installing the wallet is as simple as installing any application on your mobile device. Download it from either the App Store or Google Play, open the app, and select “Create Account” to begin setting up the wallet. Subsequently, select your secure password and write down your seed phrase in a safe place as an account backup.

Then, users will be asked to choose a network after they’ve verified the correct copy of their seed phrase. Subsequently, choose the Solana network and establish two-factor authentication to ensure maximum security. Finally, click done, and you’re on your way. 

MetaMask doesn’t seem to alter the blockchain it supports while moving away from Ethereum’s EVM. Nevertheless, a crypto wallet alternative that does support Solana may be your best option. Conversely, MetaMask has not offered any indication that it will be altering its stance on blockchain protocols. 

Phantom Wallet

Binance Smart Chain

Although alternatives are great, MetaMask is still the most popular non-custodial wallet on the market. Specifically, it supports more than 30 million users. So, if you’d like to ensure you can still use Metamask without the need for an alternative, there is some hope.

Native Solana tokens cannot be added to Metamask because the former is not EVM-compatible. However, there is the option to transfer wrapped Solana tokens to Metamask. This is available through the Binance Smart Chain

However, there is an important warning to take note of here. There is a risk associated with wrapped assets, so this option is not recommended. Conversely, a wallet alternative, as previously mentioned, would be the most secure. Yet, if you still want to send wrapped SOL to Metamask, there is a way. 

Source: Crypto Breakdown

First, the user would open the MetaMask and select Binance Smart Chain. Subsequently, users will click “import tokens” and insert the SOL contract that is outlined here: 0xFEa6aB80cd850c3e63374bc737479aeEC. Then you will have access to the wrapped SOL version on the MetaMask wallet. 

Additional Alternatives

Although Phantom would be our preferred wallet, there are still a number of potential wallet options that are compatible with the Solana blockchain. Specifically, Exodus Wallet presents a multichain Web3 wallet with access to SOL. 

Source: Crypto Slate

Alternatively, the XDEFI wallet is a strong option for users that desire access to Solana but would rather not utilize the wrapped version. Ultimately, it seems alternatives are the preferred method. Moreover, both MetaMask and Solana present incredible features that justify the merit of their usage independently of one another.