Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo Investors Still Waiting on Refunds 8 Months Later

As cryptocurrencies gained mainstream traction, many celebrities and influencers became involved in the space, including Jake Paul and Logan Paul. Logan Paul launched an NFT project called CryptoZoo. The project did not meet expectations and resulted in financial losses for many of the users who invested in it.

YouTuber Stephen Findeisen, known online as Coffeezilla, also published a series of videos accusing Logan Paul of deception regarding certain aspects of the NFT-based game CryptoZoo.

However, despite the announcement of plans to compensate $1.5 million to the investors, no money has been returned even eight months later by Logan.

What happened with CryptoZoo?

Logan first became involved in NFTs as a collector, spending over $2 million on various NFTs. He then launched an NFT project called CryptoZoo, claiming he had invested $1 million of his own funds to hire engineers and artists to develop it. Over time, Logan distanced himself from the project, stating in April 2020 that his involvement was minimal.

YouTuber Coffeezilla subsequently published a series of videos investigating CryptoZoo. In them, he accused Logan of engaging in deceptive practices related to the NFT project CryptoZoo.

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In response to the allegations, Logan posted a video rebutting the scam accusations. In his video, Logan Paul acknowledged making a mistake in hiring certain individuals to work on the CryptoZoo project. However, he denied the allegations of engaging in deceptive practices related to CryptoZoo.

While Logan continues his pursuit with his WWE career and his drink company, PRIME, CryptoZoo investors patiently wait for the promised refund.