Elon Musk to Demonetize X Posts Corrected by Community Notes

Elon Musk announced a change to creator monetization on Twitter, now renamed X, that aims to incentivize accurate information over sensationalism.

In a tweet on the platform, Musk said that any tweets corrected by Community Notes will become ineligible for revenue share. Community Notes allows users to provide context and fact-check tweets.

Musk explained the reasoning behind the change, stating, “The idea is to maximize the incentive for accuracy over sensationalism.”

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Community Notes launched to combat misinformation

Community Notes was launched to combat misinformation on Twitter. It enables users to add context to misleading tweets by leaving notes that link to factual sources. The goal is to crowdsource fact-checking and give readers more perspective.

By linking monetization to Community Notes corrections, the Tesla CEO hopes to encourage creators to be more thoughtful and truthful in their posts. This tweak to Twitter’s monetization system will aid in minimizing inaccurate and false posts on X.

Musk finalized his Twitter acquisition in October 2022 after a prolonged period of putting out offers and struggling. Following his acquisition, Musk made numerous changes to the platform. One of the biggest changes was the rebranding of Twitter to X.